National Council of Science Museums (NCSM)

Ministry of Culture, Government of India

North Bengal Science Centre

Celebration of first International Science Centre and Science Museum Day

North Bengal Science Centre, Siliguri celebrated the 1st INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE CENTRE AND SCIENCE MUSEUM DAY on NOVEMBER 10, 2016 by conducting several programmes for the school students and for underprivileged students. Shri Anabil Dutta,WBCS(Exe.) District Project Officer, Sarba Shiksha Mission, Siliguri was present as the Chief Guest of the programme. Prof Avijit Roy (Retd.), Department of Chemistry, University of North Bengal presided over the programme. Prof Roy delivered a popular science lecture on “Impacts of Green House Gases on Environment’.  In his address to the students Shri Anabil Dutta underlined the need of science temperament and quality science education for the betterment of the society. Project Coordinator explained the significance of celebration of INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE CENTRE AND SCIENCE MUSEUM DAY and called upon the audience for applying science in a judicious manner for the benefit of the society.

In the programme Slogan writing Competition, a multimedia presentation on Global climate Change, audio visual quiz on Environment for school students and popular lecture on ‘Aiming Towards the World-2030: Sustainable Development Goals and Public Participation’. In his lecture Project Coordinator Shri Ram Swaroop illustrated upon the sustainable development goals- 2030 and role of science centres and science museums in realization of the SDGs.   He called upon the audience to contribute their fair share in realizing the SDGs to ensure habitability of the mother Earth and quality of life on it. An audio visual science quiz competition was arranged next. Special Science Show and Science Demonstration Lecture were also arranged for the students.